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Kindergarten Registration

If you live in the Richland District and happened to miss our Kindergarten Registration for the 2018-2019 school year and have a student who needs to be registered, please contact the Richland Elementary School Main Office at (814) 266-5757 to obtain an enrollment packet. Once you have completed the packet, we will make an appointment for you to come in and meet with the guidance counselor.

We have started our Kindergarten registration process for the 2018-2019 school term.  Eligibility requires a child to be five years old by September 1, 2018.  It should be noted that enrollment in Kindergarten is not compulsory. 


To enroll your child in our Kindergarten program, please call the Richland Elementary School Main Office at (814) 266-5757 to request an Enrollment Packet.  Once you have completed the forms, you will need to call and schedule an appointment to meet with the Guidance Counselor. 


          It is mandated that a child entering school must have a physical and dental examination prior to entering school in September but not sooner that nine (9) months before entry to school. The physical, dental and vision exam forms are to be sent to school as soon as they can be completed. Parents must bring all other completed school forms to the scheduled day of registrationAlso a copy of your child’s birth certificate, proof of residency (i.e. Tenant Lease, Bill with Address & Name, etc.) and immunization record is required on the day you register.


          Because the School District is required to maintain a health history and Certificate of Immunization for each child, it shall be necessary for you to have with you a record of your child’s immunizations.  Richland School District Policy No. 203 requires the full immunization program must be completed for all new entrants to Kindergarten and First Grade before the start of school.


The following minimum immunizations are required for all students entering school for the first time at the Kindergarten or first grade level: 


      a) Varicella – One dose of live attenuated Varicella vaccine administered at 12 months of age or older, or chickenpox immunity proved by laboratory testing, or a written statement of history of chickenpox disease from a parent, guardian or physician.


      b) Diptheria/Tetanus – 4 or more properly spaced doses of DPT, DtaP, Td or DT, or any combination of the three with 1 dose administered on or after the fourth birthday.


      c) Polio – 3 or more properly spaced doses of oral polio vaccine. (IPV or OPV).


      d) Measles (Rubeola) – two doses of live attenuated measles containing vaccine (preferable MMRII) with the first dose administered at 12 months of age or older, or measles immunity proved by serological evidence determined by the hemagglutination inhibition (HI) test or any comparable test.


      e) Mumps – One dose of live attenuated mumps vaccine (preferable MMRII) administered at 12 months of age or older, or a physician diagnosis of mumps indicated by a written record signed by a physician or his/her designee.


      f) Hepatitis B Vaccine – 3 shots over six months. The third shot must show that it was administered after the child was 6 months old, no earlier.


If you know of any parents planning to send a child to Kindergarten in the Fall, please have them call the Richland Elementary School  (266-5757).