Week of 2/18/19
Monday - No School
Tuesday - Unit 4 Cumulative Review      Cumulative Test Tomorrow                                                                                   Robot due tomorrow!
               - Make 12's flashcards
Wednesday - Cumulative Math Test, Lesson 5-1          
Thursday - Lesson 5-1                             Homelink 5-1 for Homework
Friday - Flex day - We will complete our sunrise/sunset chart, complete an open ended practice problem, finish any unfinished work from the week and have time for other math activities.           
         **Please continue to practice math multiplication facts nightly.
Language Arts:
Monday -  No School                  
Tuesday - Introduce New Grammar Skill - Abstract Nouns    Pb. 115 for HW
               - Review Vocabulary Skill - Dictionary/Glossary
               -Reinforce story skill - Cause and Effect
               - Reread "The Harvest Birds"
               - Centers
               - Send home Study Guide
Wednesday - Practice Grammar Skill - Abstract Nouns         
                    - Reinforce story skill - Cause and Effect
                    - Centers
Thursday - Story Retelling Cards
                - Kahoot Story Review Game
                - Lesson 7 Reading Test Tomorrow!  Review study guide sent                            home from Tuesday!
                - Brief Test Review
Friday - Lesson 7 Reading Test Today!