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Mechanic's Assistant (Miller Motor Company)

Mechanic's Assistant (Miller Motor Company)
Miller Motor Company is looking to hire a Mechanic's Assistant for the summer. Applicant must at least 16 years old, have a Pennsylvania driver’s license, and transportation to and from their Salix location.


- Primary responsibility will be to help mechanic perform maintenance and repairs.
- Duties include school bus/van oil changes, assisting with body work, component replacement, and other similar tasks.
- Will be expected to clean the shop and returns tools to proper location.

Required Skills/Abilities:

- Knowledge of vehicle repair.
- Excellent mechanical skills.
- Ability to follow instructions.
- Ability to use power and hand tools.
- Ability to complete assigned tasks in a timely fashion.

Please contact Miller Motor Company at 814-487-5701, if you are interested in applying for the position.
Contact Dave Miller
Phone: 814-487-5701
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