Spotlight (Alumni, Community, and Staff)
STAFF SPOTLIGHT: March 2023: Mrs. Dumm - Health & Physical Education
I graduated high school at Central Cambria. I received my Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education from Slippery Rock University and my Master's in Education from St. Francis University.
What makes you proud of being part of the Richland School District?
The camaraderie among the entire staff.
FUN FACT: What’s something about you not many people know?
I held the Central Cambria’s 3200 meter girls’ track record with a time of 11:42 for over “20 years” before Carly Seymour broke it.
My family consists of my husband, Darrell, and my five children; 3 Boys - Dakota, Derek, Devin, and 2 Girls - Danielle and Delaney. Some might call us a full house! I am going to be a grandmother. My parents also had a full house with 8 children, 4 Boys and 4 Girls.
Who would you choose if you could pick three famous people to be a part of your entourage?
The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Who is the most inspirational person to you and why?
My mother because she has always placed others’ needs before her own. She taught me how to love everyone unconditionally. She is the most selfless and generous person I know. Everything she did was for the good of her family. I could always count on my mother to support me in everything I did.
Favorite Quote:
“Only a Life Lived in the Service to Others is Worth Living.” By Albert Einstein
What’s on your bucket list?
To go to Hawaii
What is your favorite song from your youth that you still rock out to when nobody else is listening?
Come on Eileen (1982 Version) by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: January 2023: Hunter Bomba, Class of 2013
Hunter Bomba
College/Higher Education:
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; B.S. Biomedical Engineering, North Carolina State University
Current Town/City:
Seattle, WA
What is your current occupation/employer?
Senior Oncology Program Manager, Cancer Targeted Technology
How did your Richland experiences help you reach your educational and/or professional goals?
The ability to take collegiate-level courses helped me prepare for college. I also learned how to problem solve, work in a large group setting, and compromise through my extracurricular activities.
What was your most valuable lesson as a student at Richland?
Education is a gift and a privilege. Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. Use those opportunities to create the life you want, and remember to thank those that encouraged and supported you along the way.
What is your fondest memory during your time at Richland?
I have fond memories of my time in the Technology Student Association (TSA). Mr. Hutzel, Mr. Huffman, and Mr. Beach made learning and problem-solving fun. I loved working on exciting projects with my friends and traveling to regional, state, and national competitions. I am incredibly grateful for my exposure to software, tools, and technology to succeed at TSA competitions and open doors to careers I had never considered.
What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
Currently, I serve as the Principal Investigator for a $2 million NIH grant focused on developing a novel radiotherapeutic for prostate cancer. I collaborate with academic and industry professionals around the country to develop new cancer therapies and oversee the company's clinical trials.
Is there anyone in particular who had a major impact on you during your time at Richland? Please share who and how he/she made a difference in your life.
Mr. Brandt Hutzel, Mr. Tanner Huffman, Mr. Justin Beach, Mr. Michael Oravec, Mrs. Amy Euen, and Mr. Brian Rozich ignited and fueled my love for science, math, and problem-solving.
What advice do you have for current Richland students?
Get out of your comfort zone, and explore what you are passionate about.
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