Correction to 4/24/18 Tribune Democrat Article

This morning's print version of the Tribune Democrat incorrectly listed the average millage increase at 5% when it should have been listed as a 2% increase for the average resident.  The correct percentage has since been corrected in the online version, which can be found by clicking the link below. The district would like to thank Tribune Democrat writer David Hurst for making this correction in the online version of the article.
The board resolution approved at last night's meeting is listed below. 
Motion to approve the 2018-19 Tentative General Operations Budget which includes the General Fund and all Federal Funds, and lists estimated expenditures in the amount of $23,423,739, revenues in the amount of $22,796,024 and establishes the Millage Rate of 49.95 mills with the following tax levies enacted:
1. 2% Discount Period for Early Payment/10% Penalties for Delinquent Taxes
2. Act 511 Wage and Net Income, ½ of 1%
3. Act 511 Real Estate Transfer Tax, .5%
4. Act 511 Mercantile Tax (Wholesale Tax ½ Mill; Retail Tax ¾ Mill)
5. Act 511 Occupation Tax, $10.00 (Sharing Privilege)
6 Act 511 Per Capita Tax, $10.00 (Sharing Privilege)

Information only-will not be part of motion: The 2018-2019 General Fund Budget represents a 2% increase over last year’s budget. This one (1) mill increase is the first since 2008. A half (½ ) mill will support increases in the general budget and a half (½) mill will be placed in a Capital Reserve Account to maintain aging buildings and facilities so that the Richland School District citizens are not burdened with a large millage increase in the future in the event of building issues. There are no large multi-million dollar building or facility projects being planned or voted on. A Master Plan has been developed on paper to map out our campus and future needs over the next twenty-five (25) years and make improvements as existing debt is retired.