Available For Public Review: 2019-2022 Richland School District Comprehensive Plan

Planning Process:
The Comprehensive Planning Committee met on multiple occasions during the spring and summer of 2018. In between meetings, members of the school administration updated the plan based on the feedback from the committee members.  The plan was shared with the Richland Board of Education in October 2018. The public review period began on October 23, 2018, with the plan being placed on the district website and available in the Richland School District's Central Office. The District will ask the Richland Board of Education for approval of the plan at the November 27, 2018 Board of Education meeting. Once approved, the plan will be located on the District website.
Mission Statement:
Empowering Every Student to Pursue Excellence Every Day
Click the link below to review the entire plan. Thank you for your interest in the Richland School District.
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