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Freshman Calendar

Freshman Calendar 

It may seem early to start thinking about getting ready for college, but it really isn't - important groundwork should take place in ninth grade.  Here is a list to help you:


*CREATE A FOUR-YEAR HIGH SCHOOL PLAN - Once you are settled into ninth grade, prepare an overall plan for high school that relates to your goals.

     -Make sure your courses are on the right track.

     -Map out your courses over four years.

     -Familiarize yourself with the various levels of courses offered.


*START THINKING ABOUT CAREERS-Develop a tentative career goal.  Of course it will change - often - but it is the thought process that counts.

     -Identify your interests-likes and dislikes-not just academics but in all areas.  This will help you focus on your goals.

     -Discuss career options with others, such as the school counselor, teachers, recent college graduates who are working, professionals in the community, etc.


*EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES-Get involved.  Take part in a sport, school club, music or drama group, volunteer in your community.


*MEET WITH THE SCHOOL COUNSELOR-Your school counselors know how to help you get the most out of high school.  Discuss your post-highschool plans with your counselor and map out courses to take during the rest of high school.  Your parents/guardians should also be part of this meeting.


*SAVE FOR COLLEGE-It is not too late to start a college savings plan, if you haven't already.  Every little bit helps!