Dual Enrollment / ACE

CLICK HERE to Apply to Dual Enrollment/ACE Program
ACE Registration Helpline: Phone:  814-262-6444
  • EXCITING NEWS FOR 2023-24:  Penn Highlands has announced that they will be piloting an expanded waiver procedure. This means that students can enroll in college-level math and ENG 110 English Comp I without placement exams. Students will be automatically cleared for ENG 110 and math courses up to MAT 145.
  • Senior year English (ENG 200) requires a previous purchase of junior year English (ENG 110).
  • Spanish IV requires a previous purchase of Spanish III.
  • Physiology requires a Biology prerequisite.  If you need to prove this course, contact the Guidance Office to have a transcript sent to PHCC.
Equivalency Websites Utilize the PHCC course numbers listed below to search. These will help you determine how credits transfer:
  • Pitt Johnstown (UPJ):  Click HERE
  • Pennsylvania Public Universities (PASSHE - PennWest, IUP, etc):  Click HERE
  • Penn State:  Click HERE

Mrs. Crowell's personal opinion on best value selections of the Dual Enrollment courses offered at Richland.

All of the following:

  • MicroComputers (9th grade) - 3 credits
  • Sociology - 3 credits
  • Psychology - 3 credits
  • English Comp I (11th grade) - 3 credits
  • English Comp II (12th grade) - 3 credits
  • American Gov’t/Econ (12th grade)- 3 credits

One of the following - 3 credits

  • US History I (9th grade)
  • US History II (11th grade)

One of the following - 4 credits (including 1 credit lab)

  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Physics

TOTAL:  25 credits*

*The cap for dual enrollment credit is 29 credits but requires advisement from a Penn Highlands representative.