Graduation Requirements

High School 


(Grades 9 – 12)


MINIMUM GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                                                                             

  • Four (4) credits in English
  • Four (4) credits in Social Studies
  • Five (5) credits in Mathematics (This requirement includes 8th grade mathematics courses)
  • Three (3) credits in Science, one (1) credit of which must be in Biology
  • One-half (0.5) credit Physical Education/Health & Wellness (Grade 9)
  • One (1) credit in Physical Education (Grades 10-12)
  • One-half (0.5) credit Microcomputer Applications (Grade 9)
  • One-half (0.5) credit Senior Survivor (waived for GJCTC students who complete program) 
  • Six and one-half (6.5) credits in elective courses
Minimum Credit Requirement
A "credit" is one (1) year or two (2) semesters of work successfully completed in a subject which meets five (5) days a week.
Seniors must satisfy all graduation requirements to be eligible to participate in the Commencement program. If you are in doubt, see the guidance counselor. 
To be eligible for activities of a specific class, a student must be ranked by credits as a member of that class.
Ranked as a Sophomore - 5.5 credits
Ranked as a Junior - 11.3 credits
Ranked as a Senior - 17.7 credits
*For more detailed information regarding credits and rank, please reference the Program of Studies page.