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Hello, I am Mrs. Michelle Miller and I am very excited to be your child's first grade teacher for this school year!  This is my 22nd year at Richland Elementary.
I am a Richland Alumni, a 1994 graduate of UPJ with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a 2002 graduate of IUP with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I continue to be a "life- long learner" where I want to learn how to implement the best practices in my classroom.

My teaching career began in 1999 here at Richland Elementary where I was a fifth grade teacher. In 2001, I moved to first grade and have never moved since. I can honestly say first grade is my first love. I look forward to a fun school year of learning!

My husband, Chris, and our daughters, Jordan, Taylor, and Addison, reside in Davidsville, PA. Jordan is a freshman at Mansfield University where she will be studying Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education, Taylor is an eleventh grader, and Addison is a seventh grader at Conemaugh Township Schools. We also have a  Brindle Mastiff, Tank.
Once again,  I have been given a great opportunity to co-teach with Mrs. Reefer.  Together we are looking forward to providing your children with the best education and year that we can.  We both take great pride in making sure every child feels safe and comfortable.  

I am looking forward to a wonderful year and learning more with your children!! They are truly an extension of my family.
Resource Links for parents/students:
Here are some resource links that may be helpful to you with the remote learning or if you need to speak with someone in guidance:
Phone number: 266-5757
Tuesday and Thursday - 8:00-8:25
Friday 12:15-12:35
You can always reach me by email to schedule other times.


Week of 8/25/21 - Language Arts

8/25 - First Day of School; Rules and getting to know each other
8/26 - Letter Review (M, S, and P)
8/27 - Letter Review (T and A)
Have a great weekend! 

Week of 8/25/21

We are so excited to get back into the classroom.  Please remember to bring your take home folder with you each day.  Please empty the folder every night and return any paperwork.  Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime with any questions.  We are so excited to get started.

Level Up

We are implementing a new program over the summer to promote reading.  It is called Level Up.  Students get to read books on their level and take short quizzes.  As they level up, they get to add to their Imaginary Land (like Minecraft).  The more times they level up, the more they get to build in their Imaginary Land.  As an incentive for the class that reads the most over the summer, we will be able to have one last lunch together in the fall. You will be receiving more information about this program in the next week from Mr. Wilson and Dr. Lashinsky.  Please keep reading, so we can get together in the Fall when we go back to school.
Happy Summer and happy reading!

Week of 5/31/21

Last Week of School!  I just want to let you know that I have enjoyed every day with your child.  Watching them grow each and every day makes me smile.  Thank you for entrusting me.  I hope you all enjoy a relaxing and refreshing summer.  If you need anything, please feel free to reach out to me. Happy Summer!

Week of 5/24/21

5/24 - B Day - Phys. Ed; New Reading Packet sent home
5/25 - C Day - Library
5/26 - D Day - Music
5/27 - E Day - Art
5/28 - A Day - Tech; Reading homework packet due (Last one for the year!!)
*Don't forget to return borrowed chromebooks this week!!

Language Arts - Week of 5/24/21

5/24/21 - Frog and Toad Reading Test, Vocab test, Spelling Retest; Homework packet due if not turned in on Thursday, May 20th.; New Reading homework packet sent home; Day 1 of Hi! Fly Guy.
5/25 - Day 2 of Hi! Fly Guy
5/26 - Day 3 of Hi! Fly Guy; Spelling Practice Test
5/27 - Day 4 of Hi! Fly Guy
5/28 - Day 5 of Hi! Fly Guy; Reading Test; Vocab Test; Spelling Retest; Last Homework packet due!

Math - Week of 5/10/21

5/10 - Lesson 9-8; New Math Homework Packet sent home
5/11 - Lesson 9-10
5/12 - Lesson 9-11
5/13 - Lesson 9-12
5/14 - Math Review Day; Math homework packet due

Language Arts - Week of 5/10/21

5/10 - Day 1 of What Can I Do?
5/11 - Day 2 of What Can I Do?
5/12 - Day 3 of What Can I Do?; Practice Spelling Test
5/13 - Day 4 of What Can I Do?
5/14 - Day 5 of What Can I Do?; Reading Test; Vocab Test; Spelling Retest; Reading Homework packet due; New Reading Homework Packet sent home.

Week of 5/10/21

5/10 - C Day - Library; New Math Homework sent home.
5/11 - D Day - Music
5/12 - E Day - Art
5/13 - A Day - Tech
5/14 - B Day - Phys. Ed; Math homework due; Reading homework due

Week of 5/3/21

5/3 - C Day - Library; Reading and Math homework packets sent home; Last week's math homework packet is due.
5/4 - D Day - Music
5/5 - E Day - Art
5/6 - A Day - Tech
5/7 - B Day - Phys. Ed
I would like to take this time to wish all the moms, grandmas, aunts, and those you hold dear to you a very Happy Mother's Day!  Thank you for all you do.

Language Arts - Week of 5/3/21

5/3 - Day 1 of The Dot; Reading homework sent home.
5/4 - Day 2 of The Dot
5/5 - Day 3 of The Dot; Practice Spelling Test
5/6 - Day 4 of The Dot
5/7 - Day 5 of The Dot; Reading Test; Vocab Test; Spelling Retest; Reading homework due; New Reading homework sent home

Math - Week of 5/3/21

5/3 - Lesson 9-4; New Math homework due; Math homework due 
5/4 - Lesson 9-5
5/5 - Lesson 9-6
5/6 - Lesson 9-7
5/7 - Math review; Math homework due

Language Arts - Week of 4/19/21

4/19 - Day 4 of A Tree is a Plant
4/20- Day 5 of A Tree is a Plant;Reading test; Vocab Test; Spelling Retest; Reading homework due; New Reading homework sent home
4/21 - Day 1 of A New Friend
4/22 - Day 2 of A New Friend
4/23 - Day 3 of A New Friend; Spelling Practice Test