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1st week
 Tilly says we are going to have a SUPER year in
2nd Grade!!!Tilly WW
coverIn honor of Johnny Appleseed, we made craft apples!
A-peeling job!
Some owls we made for our grandparents to celebrate Grandparent's Day September 13th.owls
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              -my grandbaby...Otillia
Till WW          
-Mom to Brady (25), Riley (20), and Bailey (16)and our pooch "Philly"
-Mimi to Otillia Ranne "Tilly"
-18th year teaching at Richland, and 22+ overall                      
-Bachelor of Science/Early Childhood Ed.(Cal U),
  Masters of Education/Literacy (IUP)
-You can find me on a court, at the gym, or at an AAU/travel basketball tournament with my youngest daughter's national travel basketball team (Western PA Bruins)
~I'm looking forward to a great year in room 165!
                   Mrs. Shriver

 Meet our rescue pup..."Philly" We LOVE her! 

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The LOVES of my life...Brady, Riley, & Bailey!   
Mimi1kids '20
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*Click here to watch the "Meet Mrs. Shriver" video  https://magis.to/v/Lg8eP1IKAmA2QwBiCzE?l=vsm&o=i&c=e                           
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A= Library
E=P.E. (Gym)
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*Week of 8/31=D Day
 Week of 9/8=C Day
Week of 9/14=B Day
week of 9/21=B Day
 week of 9/28=B Day
week of 10/5=B Day
week of 10/13=B Day
week of 10/19=A Day


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You have the potential to change the world.

Mrs. Shriver is a RAKtivists, a member of Random Act of Kindness organization.  Think of RAKtivists like kindness ambassadors—and, like all ambassadors, they’re a part of an active, global community. We live and breathe kindness, share knowledge and lead by example. You can tell where they’ve been because they leave a trail of warm-and-fuzzy feelings in their wake.   As a RAKtivist, we will be doing monthly kindness projects and activities to promote kindness within our own classroom.



 Our Mitten Tree
My friends from last year helped to keep some little hands, heads, and necks warm.
 Great job!
mitten tree

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Image result for seniors cartoonAdopting Seniors

Our 2nd RAK classroom service project last year was making cards for 5 area seniors in a local nursing home. The cards went with gifts that Mrs. Shriver & daughters delivered to the nursing home.

Again...great work!



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Upcoming Dates...
 Monday, Oct. 12=
NO school/Teacher Inservice Day
Friday, 10/23=
 NO school/
  Remote Learning Day
Monday, 11/2=
NO school/
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