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My goal for 6th grade literature is to have students use the active reading skills when reading fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Through the use of reading strategies, students will become more fluent readers and develop a greater degree of comprehension. Students will analyze reading selections using literary elements in a variety of genres. This course will incorporate vocabulary development and PSSA preparation.

Recent Posts

Social Studies: Dec 31- Jan. 4

Monday: No School/ New Year's Eve
Tuesday: No School/ Happy New Year
Wednesday: Chapter #9/The Good Times End
Thursday: Botvin Program
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule

Literature: Dec. 31-Jan. 4

Monday: New Year's Eve
Tuesday: New Year's Day/ No School
Wednesday: Similes
Thursday: Metaphors
Friday: AR Reading
***AR Requirement Points due Jan 14, 2019**** 

Social Studies: Dec. 17-21

Monday: Chapter 8/ Lesson #3  Entertainment and the Arts
Tuesday: Chapter #8 Review
Wednesday: Chapter #8 Test
Thursday: Units 1-3 (Open Book) Summative Test
Friday: No Class

Literature: Dec. 17-21

Monday: A Christmas Carol Visualization Project
Tuesday: A Christmas Carol Visualization Project
Wednesday: A Christmas Carol Visualization Project
Thursday: A Christmas Carol Visualization Project due
                   Red Group: Vocab Test Lessons 3/4
Friday: AR Reading/Christmas Party

Social Studies: Dec. 10-14

Monday: Chapter #7 Review
Tuesday: Chapter #7 Test/Chapter 8 Vocab
Wednesday: Chapter 8/ Lesson #1
Thursday: Chapter 8/ Lesson #2
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule 

Literature: Dec. 10-14

Monday: A Christmas Carol Visualization in class Poster 
                Prologue/ Scene 1 picture boxes
Tuesday: "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens Musical Presentation (Prologue/ Scene 1) Compare/Contrast to picture boxes 
Wednesday: Read " A  Christmas Carol" -Scenes 3/4 (play) in class
Thursday: Draw Visualization Boxes 3/4 on poster
Friday: AR Reading/ AR Log 

Social Studies: Dec 3-7

Monday: Chapter 6 Test/Chapter 7 Vocab
Tuesday: Chapter 7 Vocab due- Lesson #1/The War Begins pages 228-235
Wednesday: Chapter 7/ Lesson #2-The War Years pages 236-243
Thursday: Chapter 7/ Lesson #3-After the War pages 246-253
Friday: No Class

Literature: Dec. 3-7

Monday: Grinch Movie Poster "Theme/Summary"  Workday
Tuesday: Grinch Poster due/A Christmas Carol Vocabulary
Wednesday: A Christmas Carol Prologue/Scene 1
Thursday: A Christmas Carol/ Visualization Poster
Friday: AR Reading/ AR Log

Literature: November 26-30

Monday: No School
Tuesday: Free Birds "Plot Project
Wednesday: " Free Birds "Plot" Project
Thursday: Theme/Summary: The Grinch
Friday: AR Reading/AR Log due
              Turkey Project due

Social Studies: November 26-30

Monday: No School 
Tuesday: Chapter 6/Lesson #2 -New Directions
Wednesday: Chapter 6/Lesson #3 -Progressives and Reform
Thursday: Chapter 6 Review/ Test Monday, Dec. 3
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule

Social Studies: Nov. 19-23

Monday: Chapter 6/Lesson#1 A Changing Role 
Tuesday: Chapter 6/ Lesson #1 A Changing Role
                 Thanksgiving Brain Pop/ Puzzles
Wednesday: No Class/ Friday Schedule
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving
Friday: No School/ Black Friday Shopping 

Literature: Nov. 19-23

Monday: Free Birds Video "Plot Project"
Tuesday: Free Birds Video "Plot Project"
Wednesday: AR Reading Day
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving
Friday: No School/Black Friday Shopping!

Social Studies: Nov. 12-16

Monday: Veterans Day/ No School
Tuesday: Conferences
Wednesday: Conferences
Thursday: Chapter 6 Vocabulary due 
                  Lesson #1: A Changing Role-pages 198-203
Friday: No Class/Friday Schedule