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My goal for 6th grade literature is to have students use the active reading skills when reading fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama. Through the use of reading strategies, students will become more fluent readers and develop a greater degree of comprehension. Students will analyze reading selections using literary elements in a variety of genres. This course will incorporate vocabulary development and PSSA preparation.


Literature: October 3-7

Monday: On Hands Diagnostic Test
                Study Island: Structures of Literature (Graded)- due 10/4/22 @ midnight
                                      Roots and Affixes (Extra Credit)- due 10/4/22 @ midnight
Tuesday: Genre Project Selection and Requirements 
                Complete on Google Classroom- due 10/11/22 
                 Class Presentations begin on 10/11/22
Wednesday: Wheel of Fortune Objective/ Worksheet with Bumperball Review
Thursday: Elements of Fiction Video/ Viewing Question Study Guide 
Friday: AR Reading #5 (Bring your AR Book to Class) 
****The last day to test for Q1 AR is 10/24/22 @3:30pm***

Social Studies: October 3-7

Monday: Study Island  U.S. Regions and Places (Graded) due 
               Study Island Geographical Tools (Extra Credit) due
               State Project Selection and Requirements 
               Botvin Survey
Tuesday: Botvin/One Last Shot
Wednesday: Botvin/One Last Shot
Thursday: Botvin/One Last Shot
Friday: No Class Friday Schedule 

Social Studies: September 26-30

Monday: Final Book Cover Check
                Ocean and Continents Quiz/ Study Island 
Tuesday: North America Map
Wednesday: Regional Map
Thursday: 50 States
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule 

Literature: September 26-30

Monday: The Circuit is due at 3:30 pm
               Summer Reading Worksheet due for Bumperball Review Game 
                Final Reading Book Cover Check
If you didn't turn in your Genre Bookmarker please turn it in today.
Tuesday: Genre Jet-collect/score 
                Complete Study Guide for Active Reading Skills/Genre Test
Wednesday: Review Study Guide
                      Who wants to be a Millionaire Review Slide Show
                      Study Island 
Thursday: Active Reading Skills/Genre Test (40 pts)
Friday: AR Reading #4 (Bring your AR book to class)

Literature: September 19-23

Monday: Book Cover Check
               Review: Active Reading Skills
               Review: Definition of Genre
               Review: 4 Main Categories of Genre
               Genre Features: Scoop Video
               Genre: Brain Pop
Tuesday: Welcome to the World of Literature PowerPoint/Notes 
Wednesday: Study Island Diagnostic/ "The Circuit" text pages 39-45
                      google classroom Quiz on "The Circuit" (due Monday,
                      September 26, 2022 at 3:30pm.
Thursday: Genre Bookmarker/ Summer Reading (due: Monday,
                      September 26, 2022.
Friday: Q1 AR Reading #3/ Bring AR Books to class

Social Studies: September 19-23

Monday: Constitution Day Packet
Tuesday: Continents/Oceans
Wednesday: Regions/States/Capitals/Abbreviations Pre-Testing
Thursday: Regional Mapping 
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule 

Social Studies: September 12-16

Monday: 9/11 Activities
Tuesday: Five Themes of Geography (pages I14-I22)
Wednesday: Continents/ Oceans
Thursday: Constitution Day Packet 
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule 

Literature: September 12-16

Monday: AR Sign/Return Slips Due---Reading Books should be covered.
               The All American Slurp-Active Reading Skills Activity
Tuesday: The All American Slurp-Active Reading Skills Activity
                Wheel of Fortune-Message
Wednesday: Exploring Different Genres
                      Genre Notes/Google Slides
Thursday: Genre Bookmarker (due: Monday, Sept. 19th /15pts) 
Friday: AR Reading #2 (Bring AR Book to Class) 

Literature: August 29-September 2

Monday: STAR Testing
Tuesday: Two Truths and A Lie Slide Due
Wednesday: Vocabulary/ Comprehension Testing
Thursday: Lob's Girl due Tuesday, September 8 @ 3:30pm
Friday: No School/Labor Day
**6 (2x2 or 3X3) pictures for the Welcome Letter Project due 9/6****
We will complete this project in class Tuesday, September 6th. Have your pictures with you.
Have a great Labor Day!

Literature: September 5-9

Monday: No School Labor Day
Tuesday:  Welcome Letters/Class Project (6 pictures due)
Wednesday: Active Reading Skills-Lob's Girl due
Thursday:  Active Reading Skills 
Friday: AR Reading #1-Letter Due
***AR Sign/Return Slip due Monday, Sept 12th***

Social Studies: Sept. 5-9

Monday: No School Labor Day
Tuesday: Five Themes of Geography
Wednesday: 9/11
Thursday: 9/11
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule

Social Studies: August 29-September 2

Monday: Bumperball Review of Middle School Day Survival 
Tuesday: Reference Scavenger Hunt
Wednesday: Reference Scavenger Hunt
Thursday: Labor Day Activities 
Friday: No School/Labor Day

Social Studies: May 23-27

Monday: State Presentations 
Tuesday: Presidents Test/State Presentations
Wednesday: Step Up Day
Thursday: State Presentations
Friday: No Class/ Friday Schedule 

Literature: May 23-May 27

Monday: Field Day
             Cause/Effect Book
Tuesday: Cause/ Effect Book
                 SLO- Literary Terminology Test (50 points)
Wednesday: Step Up Day
Thursday: Cause/ Effect Book
Friday: Cause/Effect Presentation/Last Day to test for Q4

Literature: May 30-June 2

Monday: No School/Memorial Day
Tuesday: Cause/Effect Books 
Wednesday: Collect Books 
Thursday: Turn Around Day 
Have a great summer! Enjoy RHS!