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A Message from the Superintendent - November 3, 2019

The Richland School District Administration has become aware of an inappropriate and insensitive racist comment made on November 3, 2019, by a member of our student body during a school event at another district. This comment and inappropriate student responses to the comment have since circulated on social media.

This type of hurtful behavior is not representative of the feelings and values of the 1,535 students in our district. The District promises a timely and thorough investigation of this incident and will implement appropriate and timely discipline.
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RSD Foundation Presents Donation Check to Richland School District

Kim Mock, President of the Richland School District Foundation, presented a ceremonial check to the Richland School District Board of Directors in the amount of $10,000 for our technology program to purchase media equipment for their RAM TV and LAMB TV broadcasts and to create promotional videos for the RSDF and district to be used for new parents and our website. This donation and partnership benefits the school, the technology program and takes advantage of our TSA program, which has won national awards in video production.
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Bus 3

Bus 3 was involved in a minor fender bender during the high school afternoon run on Tuesday, October 15th. A car pulled in front of the bus and came in contact with the bumper of the bus. This accident occured on Theater Drive near Walmart. There are no injuries, but the bus will be delayed a few minutes getting elementary students home.
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