Welcome to the Information Technology Department of the Richland School District. The mission of  the Technology Department is to create, support, assess, maintain, and safeguard an optimal technology environment for student education and administrative support within our District.

Who are we?

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Mrs. Heather Facci is the Information Technology Secretary and PIMS Coordinator for the District.

What we do?

The Technology Department is responsible for all of the district's various systems and infrastructure that help our Administration, Staff, and Students excel in today's cutting edge environments while also maintaining a level of security and protection. Richland School District also provides a level of Information Technology Services to Highland Public Library, Richland Township, Richland Police Department and East Hills Recreation.
Some of the things that we do...
Maintain the Junior & Senior High School 1 to 1 Chromebook initiative. Provide 24/7 internet access at both campuses. Maintain a fleet of Security Cameras to secure our campuses.
Maintain over 700 Chromebooks for use by students in grades 3-8. Maintain a 24/7 enterprise wireless network solution. Submission of PIMS State Reports to PDE.
Maintain over 400 Desktop Computers for use by Administration, Staff and Students. Maintain a fleet of servers to allow day to day functions for the school district.  
Maintain interactive classroom hardware such as Promethean Boards, Interactive Projectors and Apple TV's. Maintain an Enterprise VoIP system. Strive to make our district better through various trainings throughout the year.