Art Club is an outlet for students who would like to explore various mediums in art beyond the classroom setting particularly for those students who do not have art as an offering (8th grade) or are unable to fit it into their schedule.  Students are able to explore, research, and design projects of personal interest as a way to further their student art career.  Mediums range from clay to batik, glass to metal, drawing to painting.   The club meets once each week after school for an hour.  A sign up is held in September and is open to all students 7-12.  Officers are nominated and voted on by members of the club.  Hoodies and or t-shirts are ordered every year featuring a student design.  The club is sponsored by Mrs. Ringler in the Arts and Crafts rooms in the Fine Arts wing.

Two trips are offered to members in grades 9-12 with a preference to those who are enrolled in an arts or crafts class with an average of 75%.  Destinations include Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright, Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh,  and The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh in the fall as a day trip.  Weekend trips to New York City and Washington, D.C. in the spring.  Trips alternate each year and are limited to 45 students.

                Advisor:  Mrs. Ringler


CHEERLEADING (Grades 7-12)

 Any student in good academic standing is eligible to participate in the cheerleading squad.  Cheerleaders perform at football, basketball and wrestling matches in addition to various competitions.

                Advisor:  Ms. Ricci-Dykes


CLUB KIND (Grades 7-12)

Club Kind is a student-led group dedicated to putting a stop to and preventing bullying in our school as well as promoting a positive atmosphere for our students.  The group meets every Wednesday to provide support and positivity to students in any and all capacities.  The Bully busters group is open to all students who want to help make a difference in our school!!

              Advisor:  Mrs. Dumm



The Young Writers' Club help you improve every aspect of our writing prompts, games and challenges.  Optional peer critiques are also available to take your skills to the next level.  OUr two main goals are to be better writers and to have fun in the process.

          Advisor:  Mr. Miller



The Richland Forensics League is an organization designed to encourage effective communication and critical thinking skills through the forensic arts of debate, public speaking, and interpretation.  Students compete against teams from other school districts and may qualify for regional, state, and national competitions.  High School membership is open to all students in grades 9 – 12.  Middle School membership is open to all students in grades 7 & 8.

                Advisor:  Mr. Jugan



The Key Club is a nationally recognized student organization sponsored by the Geistown-Richland Kiwanis Club.  The Key Club members provide assistance in a number of different community service projects by volunteering their time and effort which provides a link between Richland High School and its outlying communities.  Membership is open to Richland High School students in grades 9 – 12  with senior members provided with an opportunity to gain a scholarship from the Kiwanis Club based on service hours and need.  To be involved in selfless dedication provides a lifetime of rewards.

                Advisor:  Mr. Wenturine



Library Club, better known as the Library Assistants, is a service club of Richland High School.  Each member helps in the library in order to make it easier for students to find the books desired, and to serve as a model to the other students in library courtesy.  Most of the bulletin boards and displays are arranged by this group.  The members also do such jobs as mending books, filing books and magazines in order.

The Library Assistants have regular meetings and several social events during the year. 

                Advisor:  Ms. Widdersheim



Membership in the "Marching Rams" is open to all students who can qualify.  The "Marching Rams" attend football games, parades and perform in community events.

           Advisor:  Mr. Cannistraci



Students on the Mock Trial Team prepare a legal defense and prosecution for a specific case.  The team competes against other area schools in court cases held at the Cambria County Court House in Ebensburg.

                Advisor:  Mr. Litzinger


PEP Club

Pep Club is a student organization that encourages school spirit and the support of Richland students and activities.  Most often, the Pep Club participates in Spirit Days and the Student Section at athletic events.

          Advisor:  Mrs. Keane




The PORTAL is the name of the Richland High School yearbook.  The PORTAL has been published annually since 1946.  The name PORTAL symbolizes the doorway from high school into the world beyond.  The book is produced by a staff of students in grades 11-12 under the direction of the advisor.  Being on the PORTAL Staff is similar to having a part time job…staff members take on a lot of responsibility for the production of the publication.  In return for the time they commit to this project, they have an opportunity to develop many skills.  Problem solving, creative thinking, comprehension, and decision making are among the most essential.

Work on the book continues into the early summer in order to be able to include spring activities and sports.  The book is distributed in the fall … usually September or October.

                Advisor:  Miss Cook



 The Richland Field House Weightlifting Club is an organization which provides students an environment for safe and monitored weightlifting.  The weight room is open to students on a daily basis.

                Advisors:  Mr. Ripple and Mr. Mangus

               Consultant:  Dr. Larry McCracken



The Richland High School offers students an opportunity to participate in a unique human experience.  Many Richland students love putting on a play, musicals, and being a part of something surreal.

Auditions are held throughout the year for several productions.  All students are welcome to participate.  Actors, stage crew, lighting crew, program designers, publicists, ushers, painters, and set construction crew are needed.  For excitement, nothing beats the performing arts.

                Advisor:  Mr. Easler 



The Richland Performing Arts Center Tech Club is an organization which provides students an opportunity to develop and work in a professional Theatre.  Students are responsible for operating the Theatre during school functions as well as professional theatrical rentals.  Students obtain knowledge of operating the Theatre light and sound systems as well as all stage rigging, set designs, lighting designs and sound designs.

                Advisor:  Mr. Easler



The Richland Ski Club is an organization which provides students an opportunity to develop a skill and sport they can enjoy for a lifetime.  The Ski Club sponsors several ski outings to Seven Springs Ski Resort at reduced rates including transportation to and from the resort.  The Richland Ski Club also provides an opportunity to ski at the largest and arguably the best resort in the east, Killington, Vermont.  It is not necessary to be able to ski, or even own equipment, lessons and rentals are easily arranged with beginners as well as experts.  The Ski Club accepts members who follow simple guidelines, and having fun is a priority!!!          

              Advisors:  Miss Pruchnic & Mr. Kubay



Membership in SADD is open to all 9th-12th grade students.  The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness of the dangers of alcohol and drinking and driving.  The members plan and participate in the Nationwide Prom Promise Campaign and sponsor various other awareness activities throughout the school year.

                Advisor:  Mr. Sabol



The Student Council is composed of student body elected (10) members from each class, and the council officers.  The council officers consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Sergeant of Arms.  Members must maintain a “C” average or better and officers must maintain a “B” average or better.

The Council meets once a month to discuss suggestions brought in by students, teachers and administrators to plan for the completion of ideas and projects adopted.  The Student Council sponsors many projects, such as dances, the blood drive, and the Homecoming Dance.

                Advisor:  Mrs. Riggle & Mrs. Dorich – Grades 9 – 12

                               Mrs. Smiach  – Grades 7 & 8



The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation, design and engineering.  Members apply and integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts through co-curricular activities, competitive events and related programs.

                Advisors:  Mr. Beach & Mr. Spangler