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I have loved teaching for over 30 years. I have been a primary teacher for most of my career and love working with children. I believe that children are the best part of teaching. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Outside of school, I live in Richland with my husband. I have two married daughters.  One of them is a teacher too!  I am also a proud grandma!


Week of Oct. 10 to 14

Monday, October 10 is an in-service day.  
We are working on strategies for + and -.
Tuesday: homelinks 2-12
Wednesday: homelinks 2-13 (a family note)
Thursday: homelinks 3-1
Reading: We are beginning a new unit about animals.  We will be working on character, setting and plot.  We will focus on long o and short o.  We will identify nouns and practice prefixes.
Tuesday: see packet -do spelling sheet
Wednesday: practice words
Thursday: read story and sign bookmark

Week of Oct. 3 to 7

Math: we are working on addition and subtraction strategies. We are working on frame and arrow problems.
Monday: Homelinks 2-8
Tuesday: Homelinks 2-9
Wednesday: Homelinks 2-10
Thursday: Homelinks 2-11
Reading: (An additional email will come on Monday)  We are reviewing the unit skills and going to be tested on them.
Monday and Tuesday are review days. Wednesday and Thursday are test days.
Friday: we will begin the next unit.
Monday: a sheet will come home with items to practice
Tuesday:Read Not Norman and sign Bookmark
Wednesday: Read Lola and Tiva and sign Bookmark
Thursday: none
Social Studies: we will be working on fire safety.

Mrs. Riflato's class received pen pal letters from Mrs. Burgh's (Her daughter) class in Culpeper VA. The classes will exchange letters once a month then GoogleMeet at the end of the year.  The letters are in the shape of the states of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Hi everyone:
I want to wish you a good weekend!
I wanted to address a few things.  First, if the weather is above 40 degrees, we usually go outside for recess. Please start sending your child with at least a hoodie.  Several students came without coats today and it was 44 degrees when we went out.  I realize that running around warms them up; however, the wind really blows up here.
Next, our students took their first reading test by themselves today.   The tests are cold reads which means no one has seen the stories before.  They are based on the skills taught for the week.  Our new reading series puts a lot of emphasis on this as it prepares them for up-coming years and PSSA testing.
I still had the students whisper  read the stories and I read all the questions to them.  I think it is too early in the year for them to do this by themself.  With that said, the students really have to focus on the questions and what is being asked of them. Today our range on the test went from a 12 to a 20. It was out of 20 points.  On the written question, I modeled one on the board as well and gave them an outline.  I am trying my best to set them up for success.  Please look over the test with your child to see if you can give them some ideas as well.
Overall, for the first one, the scores were what I expected and hope that they will improve once students learn patterns and how to find key ideas in questions.
Homework for next week includes:
Math: Addition strategies and beginning subtraction strategies.
Monday: homelinks 2-4
Tuesday: homelinks 2-5
Wednesday: homelinks 2-6
Thursday: homelinks 2-7
Reading:  we are starting review weeks.  Our spelling words will be short i and long i.  We will work on combining sentences, adding endings to words and finding key ideas in stories.
Monday: See packet complete 2 spelling pages
Tuesday: practice words
Wednesday: read story sign bookmark
Thursday: practice spelling and Vocab words for test
Friday: tests
Happy Fall!

Homework Sept. 19 to 23

Math: We are finishing unit 1 and moving to unit 2.  Unit 2 has strategies to help learn math facts faster.  We have started homework which counts as 2 points every time it is assigned.
Monday: Test day -- see parent note with information for unit 2.
Tuesday: homelinks 2-1
Wednesday: Homelinks 2-2
Thursday: Homelinks 2-3
Language Arts:
We are finishing up the Theme of "depending on friends."  We will continue to practice subjects and predicate, blends, fantasy, and quotations. we will add difference between long a and short a (spelling and phonics) and prefixes of un and re.  Prefixes go before a root word and change the meaning.  The prefix un means not and the prefix re means to do it again.
Monday: see packet do spelling sheet
Tuesday: vocab. sheet
Wednesday: Read The Enormous Turnip
Thursday: study spelling and vocab words
Friday: Tests

Homework Sept. 12 to 16

Reading: We are starting a new story with a theme of friendship.   We will be identifying subjects in grammar, blends in phonics and spelling and work on dialogue and characterization.
Monday: see packet-do spelling
Tuesday: do vocab sheet
Wednesday: Read story and sign bookmark
Thursday: Study vocab and spelling
Friday: tests
Math:  Wea re working on numbers and patterns. We learned to play fishing for 10.  We will be working on even and odd numbers and stressed counting quarters.
Wednesday: Homelinks 1-11
Thursday Homelinks 1-12

Homework: Sept. 6 to 9

Reading:  We are working on the essential question of families around the world and how they are alike and different.  We are working on spelling the short vowel words, statements and questions, adding ed (past) and ing (now) to base words and story structure.
Tuesday:  See packet write spelling words
Wednesday: Read story, The Big Red Lollipop and sign bookmark.
Thursday: Complete vocab sheet, study spelling and vocab words (off packet)
Friday: Tests(spelling, vocab and reading) the first reading test we will work on together.
Math:  We are working on equivalent names for numbers, number puzzles and facts.
Homework: Doesn't start until lesson 1-11  (next week)

May 31 to June 2

It is just a wrap up week.  No homework...
Yearbook signing on Wednesday afternoon.
cleaning out desks
dismissal Thursday, June 2nd about 9:30

Our class met our pen pals in Culpeper VA by google meet.  Everyone was happy to put a face to their letters. Here is Sam with his pen pal.