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I have loved teaching for over 30 years. I have been a primary teacher for most of my career and love working with children. I believe that children are the best part of teaching. I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Outside of school, I live in Richland with my husband. I have two married daughters.  One of them is a teacher too!  I am also a proud grandma!


Here is our class in our white-out shirts remembering that you can't mask kindness.  We are respectful, accountable, motivated and safe.

Math Sept 19 to 23

We are working on making 10 on a double 10 frame, subtraction from addition and fact families.
Monday: take test  homework: see parent note
Tuesday: Homelinks 3-1
Wednesday: Homelinks 3-2
Thursday: homelinks 3-3
Friday: Virtual day

Lang. Arts Oct. 19 to Oct. 27

We are working on the story, The Ugly Vegetables.  It discusses different cultures and communities.  We will have spelling words that end in double consonants and ck.  We will work on story structure and drawing conclusions. We will focus on homophones (words that sound the same, spelled different and mean different).
This Language Arts will be extended due to the Friday day off.
Monday:  Complete spelling sheet
Tuesday: Read Story Ugly Vegetables and sign bookmark
Wednesday: Read They are Really Giants
Thursday: No homework
Friday: virtual work
Monday: Study spelling words.

First in Math

Congratulations to Kaylee Paronish who had the most stickers in First at Math last week for the whole second grade.  Great work.  Keep practicing everyone.

Monday Oct. 12

Remember, Monday October 12, 2020 is a day off for students and an in-service day for teachers.  Enjoy the day!

Math 10 13 to 16

We are working on name collection boxes, subtracting on a number line and frames and arrows for patterns.
Tuesday: homelinks 2-10
Wednesday: homelinks 2-11
Thursday: homelinks 2-12

Lang. Arts 10-9 to 10-16

Please note this is a carry over due to the day off on Monday and the fact that a story takes five days to complete.
We will be working on the story Animal Homes.  We will be practicing end blends in phonics and spelling.  We will continue to practice plurals and ways to make them. We will begin working with the prefixes un and re. We will be looking at graphic features and how they help in a nonfiction story.
Homework:  Thursday: do spelling paper
                      Friday and Monday: no homework
                      Tuesday: Read story and sign bookmark
                       Wednesday:  Read Whose Home is It?
                       Thurday: Study spelling and vocab lists.

Lang. Arts. 10-5 to 10-8

This is a review week.  We will be practicing short and long vowels, and blends in phonics.  We will work on sentences and nouns in grammar.  We will review story structure, cause/effect, visualize and author's purpose through literature stories.
Homework:  We will have a review spelling test on Wed.  Just review topics already covered.

Math Week of 10-5 to 10-9

We are working on  subtraction, turnaround facts, even and odds and equal addends.
Monday: Homelinks: 2:7
Tuesday: no homework...continuation from Monday
Wednesday: Homelinks 2-8
Thursday: Homelinks 2-9

Math Sept. 28 to Oct 2.

We are working making 10, doubles and near doubles and turn around facts.
Monday: Homelinks: 2-3
Tuesday: Homelinks: 2-4
Wednesday: homelinks 2-5
Thursday: Homelinks 2-6

Lang Arts. Week of Sept 28 to Oct. 2nd

We will be working on the story of Teacher's Pets.  We will be working on singular and plural nouns, adding ed and ing to words and practicing spelling words with blends.  
Monday: Homework: spelling paper
Tuesday: Homework: read story, Teacher's Pets and sign bookmark
Wednesday: Homework: read See Westport by Bus
Thursday: Homework: study spelling and vocab for test
Our class used the 10s and 1s manipulatives to construct objects and then count how many blocks were in each design.  Love Kaylee and Emily's creations.

Lang. Arts week of Sept 21 to 25

We will be working on a humorous story called Diary of the Spider.  There are other books in this series too (Fly, Worm).  we will be working on figurative language (example: It is raining cats and dogs), cause and effect, nouns and the sounds of long e, u, and o and sounds of g.
Monday:Homework - complete spelling sheet
Tuesday: Homework - read Diary of a Spider and sign bookmark
Wednesday: Homework Read fable A Swallow and A Spider
Thursday: study spelling and vocabulary works for test

Math Sept. 14 to 18

We will be working on addition with dominoes, dollars and number stories.
Monday: Homelinks 1-12
Tuesday: Test day Homelinks parent note
Wednesday: Homelinks 2-1
Thursday: Homelinks 2-2

Our class played "fishing for 10".  It is a version of go fish.  We social distanced, wore our masks and even cleaned the cards after use.  We had a great time practicing the 10 facts this way.