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Elementary school prepares to welcome students back to building while facing challenges

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WJAC) — As the new academic year approaches, schools are making changes in order to make buildings safe for students. But there are still several questions raised about how health and safety guidelines will be enforced, especially for younger students.

Staff at Richland Elementary School are preparing to welcome students back to into the building come Fall. One way is by offering students the opportunity to visit the Richland Elementary School Library to get their hands on new reading material for the summer.
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Richland School Board Approves COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

Each school entity must create a Health and Safety Plan which will serve as the local guidelines for all instructional and non- instructional school reopening activities. As with all emergency plans, the Health and Safety Plan developed for each school entity should be tailored to the unique needs of each school and should be created in consultation with local health agencies.
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